Merseyside Digital Cooperative as a Service


MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL operates as a "Co-operative as a Service" (a CaaS) bringing together experts in business fields such as digital, creative, marketing and technology to help ethical, social and community organisations in Merseyside / the Liverpool City Region.

There’s a huge gap between what business, marketing & technology gurus promote and what an organisation actually needs. We are there to help you bridge that gap.

People managing their organisations do not have the time or need to become technology or marketing geeks – they have a business to run. Technology is no more than fancy 21st century pens and notebooks. What has changed over the last few years is the affordability of these fancy notebooks and pens – they can now bring big business advantages to small businesses and organisations

MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL can assist with planning a strategy to ensure you deliver the very best opportunities to your organisation. Register your interest now about working with us

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