Free GDPR Email Course

By means of a free GDPR email course, we’ll help you work out if you will be affected and then what you have to do to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation that will be enforced across the European Union from 25 May 2018. Sign up below. You can opt out at any time!

Sign up for 6 free GDPR lessons

The 6 lessons will cover the following questions:

  1. What is the GDPR? Why is it necessary?
  2. What does compliance mean? What happens if I don’t comply?
  3. What are individual’s data rights, including the right to be forgotten?
  4. What are my responsibilities in terms of data protection by design and record keeping?
  5. What are the impacts of extraterritoriality and data transfer?
  6. How can I become compliant?
Sign up for 6 free GDPR lessons

This free email course condenses the core components of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into a week’s worth of emails that give you a basic understanding of how it will affect your organisation.

Please remember that assessing your organisation for the GDPR is something that cannot be ignored – no organisation is too small that they don’t need to be compliant (see Why get GDPR compliant). The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) promises to use their new powers to enforce the regulation. Even after Brexit, UK companies will still be subject to the regulation as soon after the referendum the government confirmed that the UK would still sign-up to the GDPR.

Days remaining until GDPR D-Day

What to do after your free GDPR email course?

MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL is always looking for ways to help people and organisations develop and thrive through innovative support programmes and we can help you get your business GDPR compliant and, more importantly, remain compliant, via a comprehensive but user-friendly online system to get you up and running with an ongoing documented compliance process, along with optional services such as consultancy, onboarding and training.
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