MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL sets out to be a “Co-operative as a Service”, a CaaS to coin a phrase and acronym.  We aim to contribute to the Merseyside business community by helping those ethical, social and community organisations that are working towards making life a little fairer at a local level to impact lives at a global level.

We also try to make the planet a little greener. From networks to materials to how we engage with our partners to how we manage our projects, we try to put everything through a set of eco- and ethical criteria. We know that even the smallest of positive action every day can provide big results.

In short, we aim to:

  • To buy greener products whenever possible.
  • To provide green ideas for our staff as well as our customers.
  • To help educate and influence others through technology.
  • To be passionate about everything we deliver.
  • To minimise negative impacts on communities, both local and global

We aim to incorporate our philosophy into everything we do based around People and the Planet.


We know success is fuelled by customers, and partners who encourage and inspire us to continuous improvement. Through a shared commitment to be as ethical and green as possible in daily business, we strive to be innovative, efficient and conscientious about every business decision. The power of environmental education and the use of technology in business activity should enable everyone we deal with to make better choices about business delivery.


We know that less landfill and less energy used makes sense. Polluting the planet and exploiting communities for profit is a short sighted business model that serves no one. Businesses can be green and ethical and still be profitable, and innovative.

MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL will always aim to be visionary and co-operative in our efforts to seek greener materials, better processes and more ethical relationships to utilise energy-efficient, eco-conscious ways to deliver our technology and business support services.

In the words of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), “Business is not divorced from the rest of society. How companies behave affects many people, not just shareholders. A company should be a responsible member of the society in which it operates.

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