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MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL is always looking for ways to help people and organisations develop and thrive through innovative support programmes.

Business Benefits of Free Business Support

If you are looking to grow your business taking eco / green / environmental / sustainable factors into account, then you can benefit from:

  • Increased profitability
  • Increased knowledge
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Access to university resources
  • Information sharing
  • Access to funding

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One of our business associates is providing an ERDF Funded Business Support project which identifies opportunities for low carbon development which will ultimately bring about economic and environmental benefits to both your business and the wider community. This is a FREE project aimed at businesses across the Liverpool City Region & Merseyside who want unbiased specialist advice, reports and product testing.
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    How does it work?

    With access to university facilities around the North-West, your business can take advantage of the cutting-edge exploitable assets and expertise available at the institutions, giving your company a significant edge on the competition.

    • Step 1: Assessment – your advisor will work with your to determine whether your company is eligible for the Project
    • Step 2: Roadmapping – map your current practices and future exploitation activities
    • Step 3: Activities – a bespoke action plan will be developed for your business
    • Step 4: Implementation – the action plan will be implemented with the help of the university researchers, students or academic staff.
    • Step 5: Monitoring – the results of any greenhouse gas reduction and business improvement made by the project will be monitored to determine success.


      Having the support from leading universities has enabled businesses to rapidly commercialise products and services. Focusing on carbon reduction enables companies to meet environmental standards as well as improve their attractiveness to markets.
      Learn new techniques and different ways of addressing challenges. Accessing the knowledge base and facilities of leading universities provides businesses with benefits not only in their own area of expertise but in low carbon issues, energy management, finance and impacts on profitability.
      Businesses improve product and process viability and are assisted with toolkits and support that can set them apart from their competitors. Access to the latest global research alongside world class facilities, means that companies can stay one step ahead of the rest.
      Often businesses can find it difficult to access the knowledge and expertise of universities whilst universities can find it difficult to understand businesses. This support enables companies to work with three leading UK universities. For some businesses, this alone gives a boost to their strategic and operational approaches.
      The world of academia can be difficult for businesses to understand but tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise including emerging global opportunities, market trends, real world analysis, peer-reviewed research papers. As they learn from across the globe, your business can be taken from Liverpool City Region to the rest of the world.
      Access a huge amount of expertise in identifying and accessing funding which the universities can open up for businesses. Current and future funding opportunities are supported through collaborations with the universities, so SMEs can develop further.

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